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The Host Review

The Host by Stephane Meyer

The Host is about a human named Melanie and an alien named Wanderer who inhabits Melanie’s mind. Melanie and Wanderer set out to find the surviving humans. Wanderer, Melanie and the humans conquest to defeat the alien’s that have taken over there planet.

The Host is a sci-fi, romance novel. The Host is the first of three although the whole trilogy hasn’t been published. The author claims that she will be making two more books that follow on from The Host.

Melanie and Wanderer both love Jared in different ways. Melanie and Jared are together before Wanderer is placed in Melanie’s mind. Wanderer and Ian are trying to be together when Wanderer is in Melanie’s body but Melanie won’t allow it because it’s her body and she wants Jared, yet she won’t allow Wanderer to touch Jared. Melanie has a little brother named Jamie who she loves and will always protect but when Wanderer is placed into Melanie’s mind, Wanderer has that same connection with Jamie.

I found The Host to be boring in the beginning because it was just telling us about Wanderer’s world and a bit of backstory but after about fifty pages or so when Melanie and Wanderer are trapped in the dessert the pace picks up a lot and makes putting the novel down really hard to do. There are so many twists and turns that you would be surprised about what’s going to happen next and although majority of the book is a cliché you would never guess the ending and the way the author wrote this book makes it seem as though it’s not a cliché.

When the humans start trusting Wanderer I felt so warm and relieved. It was great to see how much trust they have in Wanderer and how easy life gets when Wanderer starts helping them out with surviving By gathering all the necessary items, such a medicine, food and sometimes what the humans want. Wanderer’s confusion with Jared and Ian it’s like a love triangle in a way, I was on the edge of my seat thinking who will Wanderer choose? What if Melanie comes back? Will they end up together? In the end I loved the outcome, I believe that Wanderer choose the right guy and ending for herself.

People should definitely check this book out if you like sci-fi or romance. This is a great book, I recommend reading the book first then watching the movie I think you will find that the book is better because it has more depth and is more interesting. Before buying the book I suggest reading the blurb and the first two chapters of the book or the blurb and a couple of random pages in the book.

Personally I think The Host is a 4.9/5 star rating because it’s an amazing book that you would never see coming. But The Host’s public review has a 3.84/5 start rating indicating that this must be a pretty good book because that is quite a high rating, another indicator is that The Host is part of a trilogy meaning that the book would of had to do well or it would be a one off (discontinued).

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